Our Services

Our Services

As a rich in tradition and active globally, we always feel obliged to support our customers in operating their machines and systems with high levels of profitability. This applies also for older machines. Guschky systems have been running for 30, 40 or more years completely reliably in many countries. Extensive service is still offered today for these machines as well.

We have agents in following countries:

  • Spain
  • Australia
  • China
  • India
STI Suministros Técnicos

Mr. José Molina
28229 Villanueva del Pardillo

Phone: 0034-9-18 310 007
Fax: 0034-9-18 310 007

MPI Australia PTY, Limited

Mr. Peter Matthews
Cnr. Stubbs & Asquith Streets
2128 Silverwater

Phone: 0061-2-96483011
Fax: 0061-2-96483282

Jebsen & Co. Ltd

Mr. Steven Chan
China Trade Division
30/F., Caroline Centre
28 Yun Ping Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Phone: 00852-29238730
Fax: 00852-28821553



Phone: 0091 9826058751

  • Technical Service
  • Repair
  • Upgrade
  • Know How
  • Used machines

With the aid of the machine number, we are able to identify the complete documentation of every machine from our house, and thus ensure spare parts procurement. This system also makes it possible to continue to provide spare parts for machines today which were delivered decades ago. All documents have always been and will continue to be maintained and archived by us carefully over decades. Our archive is your advantage.

Our construction department has always employed only high-quality parts, whose procurement is assured over the long term.
Our quality-control awareness is your advantage.

Even if sometimes certain parts are no longer available, we indicate an appropriate alternative. This happens more and more frequently in case of modern machines with electronics. Our experience is your advantage.

Also, the fast supply of tools, auxiliary materials or accessories is today an important part of our culture. As well as interesting prices, reaction time is also important to our customers. Our efficiency is your advantage.

An order can be made by fax, e-mail or telephone. We will offer rapid and comprehensive support in every case.

Our competence is your advantage.

We provide help quickly and competently. With our rugged and long-lived construction method, unforeseen repairs are rather the exception. Nevertheless, if customer service should be required, we are able to provide help rapidly and efficiently. Our specialists can "get going" quickly and without delay and offer professional help.

Our flexibility is your advantage. However, problems can often be isolated and solved with "online maintenance". By means of modem, the electronics specialist can enter directly into the machine control and trouble-shoot for faults and repair them. In many cases a customer service visit can be completely dispensed with.

Our innovation is your advantage.

Whoever wants to work economically today must operate high-performance machines. We also help to overhaul aging systems. Together with the customer, we prepare concepts in order to further improve performance and reliability of your system in the production process.

As a result of our long-standing experience and innovative approaches, we can optimize older systems mostly with comparatively low expenditure, in order to adapt them to your current tasks.

Comprehensive knowledge and a high level of experience, in combination with innovative solutions, are our concept of success. You can also profit from that. In particular in the startup phase, our specialists apply their know-how in a target-oriented way for customers right from the beginning. Purposeful employment of schooling and training of your employees and the machines will better promote their performance and motivation.

An economical alternative to a new purchase can also be a used system. These machines and used systems are comprehensively overhauled by us and sold with full guarantee. In the following is an overview of currently existing used machines. Of course we can not represent all available systems and machines here. If you give us your product spectrum, then we can offer solution options.